Press release

Tentative issuance schedule for HKSAR Government Bonds under the Institutional Bond Issuance Programme

The following is issued by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority:

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), as representative of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (HKSAR Government), published today (8 May) a tentative issuance schedule for Government Bonds (GBs) offered under the Institutional Bond Issuance Programme for the next six-month period from April to September 2024 (Annex). The tentative issuance schedule contains information on, among others, the tentative tenors, tender dates, issuance sizes, issue dates and methods of issuance of individual GB issues. Further details on the methods of issuance are set out in the Information Memorandum available on the Hong Kong Government Bonds website,

The tentative issuance schedule is normally published by the HKMA on a half-yearly basis, and the information contained therein, such as the tenors, tender dates, issue dates, issuance sizes, issue codes and methods of issuance are tentative. The HKMA may make adjustments having regard to market conditions. A revised issuance schedule may be issued where appropriate. Other details of individual issues are to be confirmed and announced at least four business days prior to the scheduled tender dates.

It was announced in the 2024-25 Budget that the Government Green Bond Programme (GGBP) and Infrastructure Bond Programme (IBP) would gradually replace the existing Government Bond Programme (GBP). Relevant details will be announced in due course.

The HKMA will continue to service all existing outstanding GBs under the GBP. The Primary Dealers will also continue to undertake market-making activities by providing two-way bid and offer quotations of the outstanding institutional GBs to Recognized Dealers in the secondary market.

Hong Kong Monetary Authority
8 May 2024